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See what Village Mixer can do for your club, and it's always free!

  • First social media site built exclusively for The Village’s residents….and, it is always FREE!
  • We will always conduct presentations for your Club and assist your members in registering, demonstrating how to easily navigate through our user-friendly site.
  • Village Mixer offers free email service built into the site making the Club President able to reach all your Club members more efficiently and FREE.
  • Upload pictures or videos of your Club events
  • Reach out to new potential members to join, if your Club desires to grow.
  • Accept or decline new members that want to join with a simple click of a button.
  • Upload meeting minutes to share with your Club members
  • Post a Club message and have members provide feedback or allow them to discuss group messages to further socialize with other club members.
  • Post upcoming events that only your Club can see or, post an event open to the public.
  • Publicize your Club charity events to Village Residents. Village Mixer will assist you in organizing an event or charity function.
  • Purchase Club event tickets via Village Mixer’s built-in PayPal feature.
  • Online digital poll voting can be scheduled with Village Mixer. We set up the digital voting platform for you to use and personally assist your Club with the voting process.
  • Have a separate group/club set up just for your board members to hold meetings and discussions privately.
  • If your Club currently maintains a website, we still encourage you to register in order to market to new members, or, to simply showcase your Club to Village Residents.
  • Village Mixer is locally operated and managed for quality and convenient FREE client services, designed by residents for residents.

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Display your photos, clubs, events, profile photo, cover photo and more.

Status Updates

Post status updates to let your friends know how you’re doing.

Private Messages

Easily send messages to any member or even to an entire club.

Photo Albums

Show off photos of your friends and family with easy-to-create photo albums.

Groups & Clubs

Join a club or create your own to mix with others that share your interests.

Event Calendar

Easily create your own events, browse other events, group events, and more.


Start your own discussion or join in on a current discussion.

Local News

Multiple sources of news in one place to help you stay informed.